How to Create an AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

1. Log Into the AWS Console

2. Go to the AWS security credentials page

If there's a popup, click "Continue to Security Credentials"

3. Expand the "Access keys (access key ID and secret access key)" section

4. Click "Create New Access Key"

If "Create New Access Key" is greyed out, it means you already have the maximum of 2 access keys. You will need to click "Delete" next to an existing access key so that you have at most one access key. Note that even if a key is marked as "Inactive", it still counts against the maximum of 2 access keys. Also note that you will never be able to use an access key after you delete it, and any requests made with that key will fail.

5. Click "Show Access Key" to see your new Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

This is the only time you'll ever be able to see the Secret Access Key. Copy it and store it some place safe. You can also download the key as a CSV by clicking the "Download Key File" button.